Queen of Crush

Ms Bigfoot

Built with & driven by the 1st female Monster Truck driver, Marilyn Chandler.

Don’t let her size fool ya, this little truck packs a punch. Ms. Bigfoot has all the horsepower of BIGFOOT #1, but it’s 20% lighter. The last BIGFOOT built from a factory stock truck; it was extensively modified to handle it’s 48-inch tires & 1,000hp super-charged hemi engine.

Later re-branded to BIGFOOT Ranger, it spent 8 years as a racing, training, & promotional vehicle.

Playing as Ms Bigfoot

Die-Cut Double-Sided Player Board, 10 Card Style Deck, & Plastic Ms Bigfoot Mini

Rally Style: 
Racing & Jumping
Ms. Bigfoot Style Cards
Ms. Bigfoot Player Board: Front and Back.
Ms. Bigfoot Truck Miniature

Monster Moments

Using real world inspiration for terrific tabletop tales!

Bigfoot #1 Sick Trick Card

Ms. Bigfoot

The Chandlers are no strangers to firsts!

Bigfoot #1 - Roll Over Card

Built Tough

Small, but mighty!
Troy, Missouri - 1986

Bigfoot #1 - Smash Card

Queen of Crush

Troy, Missouri - 1986

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