BIGFOOT #1 is “The ORIGINAL® Monster Truck”, built by Bob Chandler in 1975.

Named after Bob’s heavy footed driving style, BIGFOOT has been impressing crowds for over 45 years. What started as a stock pickup became the first of the monster trucks and gave birth to whole new category of motorsports.

Even today it remains as one of the most recognizable vehicles in the world, and has a pile of firsts and world records that only BIGFOOT itself could jump over.

Playing as BIGFOOT

Die-Cut Double-Sided Player Board, 10 Card Style Deck, & Plastic BIGFOOT #1 Mini

Rally Style: Crushing & Muddin
Bigfoot #1 Style Cards
Bigfoot #1 Player Board: Front and Back.
Bigfoot #1 Truck Miniature

Monster Moments

Using real world inspiration for terrific tabletop tales!

Bigfoot #1 Sick Trick Card

Crush the Competition

Bob Chandler makes history in the 1st-ever stadium car crush for a crowd of over 70,000!
Pontiac Silverdome - 1983

Bigfoot #1 - Roll Over Card

Donuts for Days

Jim Kramer gets more than he bargained for when a tight turn becomes the 1st BIGFOOT roll-over.
Murray, Kentucky - 1986

Bigfoot #1 - Smash Card

First Crush ever!

The 1st monster truck car crush - ever. Complete with loose lumber bouncing out of the bed. Bob Chandler worked in construction at the time.
April - 1981

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