Radical Racing Hybrid


Supercharged engines + tank treads = the coolest minivan in history.

No tires, no problem! Fastrax didn’t just crush cars - it tore right through them - often piloted by Bob Chandler himself. This one-of-a-kind vehicle was acquired by TEAM BIGFOOT and then extensively modified for racing.

Fastrax held its own against some of the biggest names in the sport until it was decomissioned in 2015.

Playing As FASTRAX

Die-Cut Double-Sided Player Board, 10 Card Style Deck, & Plastic Fastrax Mini

Rally Style: Muddin' & Jumping
FastTrax Style Cards
FastTrax Player Board: Front and Back.
FastTrax Truck Miniature

Monster Moments

Using real world inspiration for terrific tabletop tales!

Bigfoot #1 Sick Trick Card

8 cars, a monster truck & shower of sparks
Indianapolis, Indiana - 1990

Bigfoot #1 - Roll Over Card

TEAM BIGFOOT taking out Fastrax for some freestyle fun.
Black River in Missouri - 1990

Bigfoot #1 - Smash Card

Crush the Competition

The Debut & Under the hood. What put the fast in Fastrax? Take a look! 1988

Need more to see more Fastrax video?

BIGFOOT 4x4x4 on YouTube

The Monster Trucks

Check out all 6 of the competitors in BIGFOOT: Roll & Smash & the MODS Expansion