World Record Breaker


This World Record Breaker is the world’s tallest, widest, and heaviest pickup truck.

TEAM BIGFOOT built this MONSTER of a truck in 1986. With a custom chassis made out of two truck frames and 10 foot tall tires from a retired Alaskan Land Train, BIGFOOT #5 is an impressive feat of engineering.

BIGFOOT #5 resides at BIGFOOT 4x4’s HQ in Pacific, MO. Where fans of all ages stop by for an iconic photo standing inside its massive wheels.

Playing as BIGFOOT 5

Die-Cut Double-Sided Player Board, 10 Card Style Deck, & Plastic BIGFOOT #5 Mini

Rally Style: Muddin & Crushing
Bigfoot #5 Style Cards
Bigfoot #5 Player Board: Front and Back.
Bigfoot #5 Truck Miniature

Monster Moments

Using real world inspiration for terrific tabletop tales!

Bigfoot #1 Sick Trick Card

Monster truck legend Jim Kramer puts puts #5 through it’s paces. 1987

Bigfoot #1 - Roll Over Card

Not just a display truck!
Late 1980’s

Bigfoot #1 - Smash Card

A true MONSTER of a truck!

Need more to see more BIGFOOT #5 video?

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