BIGFOOT: Roll & Smash - MODS Expansion
The action gets bigger and louder with two new trucks and a crew of experts


Expand the player count of BIGFOOT: Roll & Smash to 6 Players AND get two more trucks from TEAM BIGFOOT's history: BIGFOOT #5 & Ms Bigfoot.


Every driver needs a great crew. With this expansion, you'll get a chance to draft Monster Truck experts to help you plan and execute your run. 

MODS Expansion Includes:

  • 5 - 6 Player Rules & Player Toolkits
  • CREW expansion - Draft Monster Truck Experts to your team!
  • *BONUS* - 8 new Obstacle Tiles

Featuring two fan-favorite playable BIGFOOT trucks:

  • World Record Breaker -  BIGFOOT #5
  • Queen of Crush - Ms. Bigfoot
  • Player boards & Style decks for each truck


PLAYER MOD (5-6 Players)
  • 2 Additional Sets of Player Materials:
    • BIGFOOT #5 
      • Monster Truck Mini, 10 Style Cards, Custom Player Board 
    • Ms. Bigfoot 
      • Monster Truck Mini, 10 Style Cards, Custom Player Board
CREW MOD (New Game Mode)
  • CREW Cards Expansion
    • 12 Unique CREW Cards featuring legendary BIGFOOT Drivers 

MODS Expansion Rules: 5 - 6 Player & CREW Cards

*BONUS*  -   8 Obstacle Tiles


Ms Bigfoot & Bigfoot 5

Player Toolkits containing:
10 Style Cards
1 Player Board
1 Truck Mini

12 New Obstacle Tiles

3 Tiles of each type
8 Pop-culture inspired designs
4 blank tiles for you to fill in

Crew MOD

Gain special powers.
Featuring real BIGFOOT veterans.

Upgrade to 5 or 6 Players with the

Player Mod

Two more trucks means two more friends at the table.
The Arena Apocalypse has reached epic proportions!

The 5-6 Player Mod alters the BIGFOOT: Roll & Smash base game rules to accommodate the larger crowd without slowing down the action. You use fewer planning tiles, but that means you can afford all the big moves.

More Monsters

Increase your smashing capacity with two new trucks to choose from

Bigfoot 5

World Record Breaker

Bigfoot 5

Ms. Bigfoot

Queen of Crush

Ms. Bigfoot

Ms. Bigfoot


Call some Monster Truck Pros to your team!

Professional Drivers

A stacked roster with pros like the Veteran Jim Kramer or the Trailblazing Rebecca Schnell and more. You're sure to win with one of these illustrious experts in your corner.

Crew Cards - Professional Drivers
Crew Cards - Bigfoot Legends


With help from founders Bob and Marilyn Chandler or the ever present Super Fans, bring to life your own historic monster moments.

Expert Crew

This team has everything: an experienced Mechanic, a genius Engineer, a seasoned Crew Chief, and The Boss to manage everything. Your adept team is here to make sure you come out on top.

Crew Cards - Expert Crew

New Obstacles

Additional obstacles with a fun twist

Crush and Smash your way through your favourite fandom with these pop culture inspired obstacles. 4 awesome obstacles with 4 more to be revealed later.