BIGFOOT: Roll & Smash: Production & Shipping Update - July 2023

Jul 14, 2023

XYZ Game Labs

Thanks all for staying with us through these extended production times and delays. It’s not how we wanted it to go and we appreciate everyone hanging in there.  However, we finally have an exciting milestone to share!

Mass Production is complete!  BIGFOOT®: Roll & Smash and the MODS Expansion have rolled off the production line and are on a boat crossing the ocean RIGHT NOW!!!

You’re probably thinking, “great… but when do I get my stuff?” 

Here’s the expected timeline:

Early August:
The shipment is expected to arrive at the port and will then be processed through customs.  After it clears customs it will then be trucked to our fulfillment warehouse. 

Late August:
Once the games arrive at our fulfillment center there is a short amount of processing and your order will be boxed up and prepared to be sent on its way to you.

Early September:  
Pre-Orders begin shipping, starting with the oldest orders first.

Thank you again for hanging in there with us, we hope you’re as revved up as we are to see this game arrive.

Get ready to start your engines! See you in the Arena!