The Original Monster Truck®, BIGFOOT®, returns to tabletop!

Climb behind the wheel of TEAM BIGFOOT Legends to roll, plan, and SMASH your way through an arena you design and build.

Featuring 4 iconic TEAM BIGFOOT Monster Trucks:

  • The ORIGINAL Monster Truck - BIGFOOT #1
  • Modern Monster Marvel - BIGFOOT Racer
  • Sinister Serpent of Speed - Snake Bite
  • Radical Racing Hybrid - Fastrax


Game Design: Rob Huber & Brendan Riley
Art & Illustrations: Hoseh Esquivel & Jason Boles
3D Modeling: Tatiana Quigley, Noah Adelman, Jordan Nardick & Bryce Cook
Producers: Jordan Miller & Adam McCrimmon


"BIGFOOT"®, "THE ORIGINAL MONSTER TRUCK"®, "4x4x4"® and "SNAKE BITE"® are all registered trademarks of BIGFOOT 4x4, Inc. 2286 Rose Ln., Pacific, MO 63069 USA. © 2022 All rights reserved.  FIRESTONE logos are trademarks of Bridgestone Brands, LLC and are used with permission.


The Arena (18in x 18in) - 4 board pieces (9in x 9in each)
Monster Truck Minis- Four (4) unique Monster Truck Miniatures (~1:130 scale -  BIGFOOT© #1, Snake Bite©, BIGFOOT© Racer, Fastrax)
Monster Tire Dice - Four (4) Custom Designed 66mm Monster Tire Dice (~1:25 scale)
The Scoreboard - Dry Erase Scoreboard (13in x 9.5in ), w/ Dry Erase marker & 16 Double-Sided Run Markers
Player Toolkits - 4 Double-Sided chipboard player boards, 40 Monster Truck Style Cards. (10 for each Truck)
Obstacles & Ramps - 16 double-sided Obstacle tiles (4 of each type: IN, ON, BY, & UP) & 4 double-sided Ramp tiles.
Plans & Hazards - 46 double-sided Plan Tiles (12 of 1-2, 12 of 1-4, 8 of Turn 90, 8 of Turn 180, 6 of Turn 360) and 12 double-sided Hazard Tiles.

    Arena Components

    3D Custom Arena
    Jumbo Scoreboard
    Obstacles, Hazards, & Ramps (32)

    Monster Trucks

    BIGFOOT® #1
    Snake Bite®

    Game Components

    Plan Tiles (46)
    Run Markers (16)
    GameTrayz™ Organizer

    4 Player Toolkits

    Each Player Gets:
    Monster Truck Mini
    Player Board
    10 Style Cards

    Experience a new environment EVERY GAME with the

    Modular Arena

    1,000's of possible combinations = limitless action & imagination

    Built By You

    This game starts at setup, you & your friends decide what obstacles go on the board and where they go.

    Always Changing

    Every Truck's run can change the arena & halfway through the game, new obstacles come out! 1,000's of possible combinations gives this game endless replayability.

    Adjustable Difficulty

    Since you build the arena, you decide how difficult to make it. Will it be an easy expo show, or all out car stomping mayhem? It's up to you!

    The Arena

    Obstacle Tiles

    Carefully designed slots hold obstacles in place during play.

    High Quality Plastic

    Made from sturdy high quality plastic, this board holds up to repeated use.

    Snap Together

    Innovative connection system keeps board assembled on table.

    Roll for Plan Points with the

    Monster Tire Dice

    Approx. 1:25 Scale of Actual Monster Truck Tires

    Roll Like Real Tires

    Just like their full sized counterparts, these 66mm (1:25 scale) MONSTER Tire Dice are balanced & ready to roll.

    Push Your Luck

    Points, Style or Hazards? Roll the tires to find out, but be careful, you only get 3 rolls.

    Monster Tough

    Made of high quality plastic, these Monster sized dice are easy to roll in the hands of people of all ages.

    To win it all you're gonna have to impress the crowd so ya better,

    SMASH with Style

    CRUSH, FLY, SPIN & DESTROY your way to the top of the leader board.

    Smash with Style: Add Flair to Your Run

    Add Flair to Your Run

    Put your own personal spin on your run with sick tricks, devastating crushes, and wild jumps. When you're behind the wheel, drive how you like!

    Smash with Style: Recreate History

    Recreate History

    Relive historic events in Bigfoot history, like the first car crush, or create new insane Monster Moments of your own!

    Smash with Style: Bonus Points

    Bonus Points

    Add extra moves, pull some sick tricks or roll over in a spectacular wreck. All of these can help you earn bonus points on your run

    Team BIGFOOT Presents

    The Monster Trucks

    Every truck has its own RALLY STYLE. Check out each one below!


    The Original


    BIGFOOT #1

    Serpent of Speed


    Snake Bite

    Modern Marvel



    Radical Hybrid



    The Rules

    1 to 4 Players | 45 Minutes | Ages 8+


    In BIGFOOT: Roll & Smash, you work with your competitors to set up the Arena, and then compete against them for the Monster Rally Championship!

    Each round you’ll ROLL the Monster Tire dice, PLAN your truck’s path of destruction, and SMASH through the obstacles in the arena! During your run you'll use Style cards to improve your score & hazards to slow down your opponents.

    The game ends after each player has driven through the arena twice, and the player with that wows the crowd the most (earns the most Victory Points) wins.

    View the Rulebook (PDF)
    Solo & Rookie

    Two Alternate Game Modes

    Solo & Rookie

    Focused on optimizing your runs & strategizing your Monster Truck selection. Tackle 4 pre-made Arenas in the Arena Legends Challenge. (includes arena layouts designed by BIGFOOT's own Bob Chandler & Jim Kramer)

    ROOKIE MODE: Made for players 4-7 years old. Focused on counting & moving.

    Solo & Rookie Rules (PDF)