Modern Engineering Marvel


The result of over 45 years of dedicated monster truck ingenuity and engineering.

TEAM BIGFOOT was the first to employ the use of CAD software to design custom trucks back in the 80s. Today’s modern monsters are born digitally, and then built, tested, and tuned at their headquarters just outside St Louis.

Racer has proven itself to be fast, tuff, and groundbreaking enough to earn the honor of continuing BIGFOOT’s legacy.


Die-Cut Double-Sided Player Board, 10 Card Style Deck, & Plastic BIGFOOT Racer Mini

Rally Style: Jumping & Racing
Bigfoot Racer Style Cards
Bigfoot Racer Player Board: Front and Back.
Bigfoot Racer Truck Miniature

Monster Moments

Using real world inspiration for terrific tabletop tales!

Bigfoot #1 Sick Trick Card

UP and Away!

Dan Runte's 1999 World Record jump over a Boeing 727!

Bigfoot #1 - Roll Over Card


When Racer freestyles you know why it’s the King of Monster trucks!
Rio Racho, New Mexico - 2022

Bigfoot #1 - Smash Card

Horse Power!

1,550hp in a fully custom state of the art truck. The sky is the limit.

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